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Cats and Dinosaurs

Cats and Dinosaurs is a socialist-feminist swing collective playing original lindy hop dance music with political lyrics in Swedish, AKA "the world’s most radical swing band". We mix the objectively best politics with the objectively best music. Result: dance party!!!!

Our feet are planted in the radical backwaters of jazz and blues, but we threw out all the standards in favor of our own leftie-feminist songbook. Jazz was the punk of the twenties, and we want to honor the creativity and radicalism of the jazz pioneers by embracing their energy and attitude rather than copying them note for note.
We are also lindy hop dancers! This is the secret behind our perfect dance groove that will get every floor going, all while our subversive message slips into people's subconscious like gleaming red silverfish.


We have been playing since 2014, touring all over Sweden and a little bit in Germany. We are planning to add more countries to the list! In 2016 we released our debut album Swing på Barrikaderna (Swing on the Barricades) on PACAYA records, and received wide critical acclaim both in Sweden and abroad. In 2017 we released our second album Kapitalismen är en dröm (Capitalism is a Dream), containing classic left wing swing tracks such as I nättrollens sal (In the Internet Troll's Chamber), Samtyckesblues  (Consensual Blues) and Krossa det som krossar er! (Crush That Which Crushes You!).
In 2018 we recorded our first English album, The Shape of Swing to Come, funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

Stockholm Swing Collective

Stockholm Swing Collective is a newly started jazz collective with young, acclaimed jazz-stars in Sweden. The musicians are all in the start of their own music careers with degrees from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, NTNU (Jazz institute of Trondheim) and the College of music in Gothenburg. They have joined together in a collective and united in their love for playing jazz standards in the classic style from the swing era. The musicians take on the music with great passion and skill and open up the classic songs with exciting improvisations and great energy. Together the nine form an unstoppable, swinging unit with a big band-feel that will make you want to dance all night long.


We are delighted to welcome back the eminent burlesque performer Märit who is performing both nights.


Burlesque is a theatrical form of striptease with its roots in the same time period as lindy hop. The modern burlesque scene has strong ties to the queer community and is all about the celebration of all kinds of bodies and sexualities. Märit is known for her hilarious acts that often carry a strong message. This year she will perform with two of her most popular acts that have previously shocked the audience at Herräng dance camp and many other stages around the world. 




Superheidi is here for all your swingin’ pleasure, to make you sweat, put that happy grin on your face and not allowing your feet a rest. If you heard Superheidi's tunes at her stompin ground in Rotterdam or elsewhere you know she's having all the fun in DJing for any kind of swing dancer.


Her music tastes are pretty broad (try her!), but she'll tell you this; the 1930s were really exciting! Superheidi is excited to be part of the Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival, she thinks it is a fresh breeze the swing dance scene needs.

Photo: Anuschka Tanzt


Our DJ coordinator and DJ Sara Olsson is a big fan of early swing, but tries to break out of her comfort zone by including some modern recordings of the old classics into her collection. At the festival, she will play what will make the dancers swing and sway!


We have Felix to take us through Saturday late night, which is perfect because he is the King of late night. You are in for a treat.

As both a DJ and a dancer, Felix focuses om solid, repeating and non-intrusive 40s disco tunes that energize. Felix believes that the dance is hidden inside the music and that some songs might start controlling your shoes, especially after midnight.


Susanna Németh started DJing in Budapest and after moving back to Gothenburg she has been an active DJ for many years. She loves watching the dance floor swinging to her music – as well as joining the dance floor herself! Susanna always sticks to the 30s-40s swing – both small and big bands and is a believer in solid riffs and crescendos!


Try something different...just for an hour.

Tasters give you a chance to expand your dancing repertoire. You can try a whole new kind of dance, or practise a new routine.

Tasters will be announced in the schedule.



We'll have talks about the queer dance scene.


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