The weekend will be filled with exciting classes that challenge dancers at every level. The classes are divided into three tracks, which are described below. Each track consists of six hours of class time.


Queer Lindy beginner

You are new to to lindy hop and want to get to know the basics, or you have taken some lindy hop classes before and want to improve your basics. No previous dance experience is necessary.


During this weekend you will learn the fundamentals of both leading and following. Enough to have a blast on the dance floor!


6 hours of class time

Queer lindy
focus on your 

second role

You have danced lindy hop before, but mainly focusing on one role. You social dance regularly. You are comfortable dancing to a variety of tempos (110-170bpm) in your first role and would sign up to an intermediate class for a non-switching festival. You may have tried the other role but no previous experience in the other role is necessary.


During this weekend you will improve your dancing, focusing on your second role.


Important! When you sign up, choose the role that you WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT! This is to get an even balance within the group.

6 hours of class time

Queer lindy

You feel comfortable with both following and leading and social dance regularly. You are almost as fluent in your second role as your first. You are comfortable dancing to a variety of tempos (110-170bpm) in both roles and would sign up to an intermediate (or higher level) class for a non-switching festival.


During this weekend you will improve your dancing in both roles, work on connection with your partner and explore the possibilities of following, leading, and switching.

6 hours of class time

You feel comfortable with both following and leading. You have taken classes for at least two years and social dance regularly dancing both roles.

During this weekend you will improve your dancing in both roles, work on connection with your partner and explore the possibilities of following, leading and switching on a higher level.

6 hours of class time

Queer lindy


The DecaVitas

Charlie and Rebecka, are world-renowned dancers specializing in authentic Swing and Jazz Age dances. They have taught and performed together since 2006, competing since 2008 and are today among the top names in the international Swing Dance scene. Charlie and Rebecka are currently based in Stockholm, Sweden but spend about six months every year on the road. They have worked on six continents in more than 20 countries. The DecaVitas have won several major competitions and are founders of performance troupes in both Sweden and the US. Together they are known for their dynamic, creative and unique dance style. As two of the most liked and yearned for Lindy Hop instructors worldwide, Charlie and Rebecka strive to teach great technique in a way that is positive, coherent, and productive. They particularly value the art of leading and following, believing that leaders and followers require equal amounts of information in the classroom to create the best possible connection on the dance floor.

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Adam Brozowski & Máté Csike

Originally from Seattle, Adam Brozowski fell in love with Swing and Jazz music at 11 years old. Since then, Adam has been a member of the International Lindy Hop and Swing dance communities traveling the world as a teacher, performer choreographer and voice of all things swing. Known for his accomplishments in Tap, Solo-Jazz, Balboa and Lindy Hop as both a leader and follower, Adam has a unique multi-faceted skill set on the dance floor. In the classroom, Adam is well known for his creative and out of the box approach to teaching. Often throwing convention out the window, Adam places a high value on musicianship, creative experimentation, self expression, historical inspiration (not appropriation) and a conversational equality between the voice of the follow and the leader. Adam is especially proud of his work in raising visibility for the LGBTQAI+ community in swing dance with his Hungarian dance partner Máté Csike in their continuing efforts to de-gender the roles of the "lead" and "follow" hoping to foster more visibility of queer people in Swing dance. Adam is delighted to teach in Gothenburg for QLF for the first time.


Máté Csike started dancing in his hometown of Budapest, Hungary and was quickly recognized as one of the most talented up and coming European followers. Máté splashed onto the world Lindy Hop community with several 1st place titles for his dancing, bringing to the dance floor a unique and immediately recognizable style all his own. Máté is truly inspired by old timers such as Jewel McGowan. He believes in the musical conversation between the partners and the jazz music itself, creating something very beautiful and true. He always tries to inspire dancers to embrace themselves, and not to be afraid of expressing their individuality while dancing.

Ellen & Tove

After we asked Ellen and Tove to describe themselves for their teacher bio, Tove wrote the following and gave us the chance to edit it as we saw fit. Ellen said "exactly this!" in response to reading the description. So I guess you know to expect partnership, joy, music, and challenges from their classes.

"I have been addicted to swing dancing since day one – I love social dancing, teaching and performing. I am constantly searching for that moment when it feels like we are three people dancing together – me, my partner and the music. As a teacher, nothing makes me happier than seeing my students succeed after struggling with a challenge."

Photo: Olga BSP

Ida & Kate

Ida has been dancing lindy hop for about ten years, with enthusiasm and delight. Ida can easily be recognised by a wide smile, both on her face and on that of her dance partner. She is one of the organisers of the festival for all three years and a driving force in getting it all done. Not only that, she has infectious energy and a love of dance which means that classes fly by, in the best of ways. While she may have been dancing for a long time, she has just started dipping her toes into the waters of teaching.

Kate on the other hand is an old sea dog when it comes to teaching, having taught lindy hop since 2005. She believes in connection, silly faces, puns, and that dancing is a means of communication. Kate can be recognised on the dance floor by her loud laugh and green shoes. She’s also been a festival organiser for the last two years.


Both Ida and Kate are looking forward to sharing their love for the music, the dance, and the queer community.


View the schedule below or click to download a PDF.

There will also be parties on Friday and Saturday night.

We'll end with a Sunday tea dance after the classes.



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