The Festival

Thank you everyone who participated and made the festival an extraordinary event. We hope to see you again soon! Unfortunately we do not know when there will a next Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival.



What is queer lindy?

It is swing dancing without regard to the traditional heteronormative dance roles, and with the option to switch roles while dancing. This way of dancing has many names in the lindy community, but we have chosen to use the term queer lindy to connect with other movements like queer tango and queer salsa. But also to expand the LGBTQ+ community within the swing dancing scene and create an opportunity to learn lindy hop for those of us who do not always feel comfortable in the heteronormative couple dance context.


We hope to create a forum for queer lindy dancers to meet, learn and share experiences, as well as an opportunity for the curious to discover queer lindy.

Why we call it queer lindy

In most swing dance communities it is either openly or silently assumed that dancers will define as either women or men, and dance the role corresponding to that gender – women will follow and men will lead. With the term queer lindy we wish to throw that assumption away and welcome everyone who wants to explore a wider spectrum of dance. Practically speaking, this means participants will not be classified as leaders or followers in class, but everyone will learn or practice both. We will also explore the possibility to switch between the two roles. As a result, we hope that everyone will both lead and follow on the social dance floor.


Queer dancing has been an established term for this way of teaching and dancing in Swedish partner dancing for quite some time. Dances like tango, salsa, and folk dancing all have their own queer scenes. In Swedish, the term queer was introduced by feminists and scholars as a term from queer theory, a tool to investigate norms and systems of power. However, the term queer is also used in the Swedish language in relation to gender identity by people who identify as outside/beyond the male/female dichotomy. In both Swedish and English queer is also used as an umbrella term relating to both sexual and gender identities outside the heteronorm. It has been used as a degrading word in English and then reclaimed by the LGBTQ+ community.


We chose to use the term queer lindy to connect with the other queer dancing communities, and to honor the roots of couple dancing outside the heteronorm, which come from LGBTQ+ communities. We appreciate that the term makes clear that lindy hop in many places is actually heteronormative lindy, as it assumes that people identify as either male or female and will dance accordingly. This reduces people's identities as well as their options of how to dance and express themselves and whom to dance with. By using the term queer lindy we hope to reach people who feel shut out by the heteronormative lindy community, and people who are interested in this way of dancing.


Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival is open to everyone who wants to dance queer lindy, regardless of sexuality. If you have questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions for us – please write us. We actually do want to hear!


Code of Conduct

We, the organizers, want Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival to be a fun, welcoming and inclusive festival for all participants, both during class time as well as on the social dance floor. In order to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere we have made a code of conduct that applies to all the participants at the festival. We think that a code of conduct is vital in order to create a good atmosphere at the event.


We want you as a participant to take responsibility for your actions and to be respectful when you meet other participants at the festival. We all have different knowledge and experiences and we hope that you will be considerate of this. Sometimes you make mistakes, despite good intentions. When this happens, please apologize.


You can always talk with the organizers if you feel unsafe or harassed, or if you witness inappropriate behavior.  


There is room for everyone on the dance floor

Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival welcomes all dancers and music lovers,

regardless of their sex, gender identity, ethnicity,
sexual orientation, disabilities or religion.

We do not tolerate racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic,

ableist or other kind of oppressive behavior or language.


Personal boundaries are important

Respect other people's bodies and personal boundaries.

Do not touch anyone without consent.
If someone tells you to stop something during an interaction, do so immediately.
Each person decides their own personal boundaries.


Ask about dance roles

Don't take dance roles for granted.
Ask which role someone wants to have in the dance
and if they want to switch roles during the dance.
A person’s role preference may change over the course of a night,
or even over the course of a dance.
To ensure that you help to create a safe and friendly environment

we recommend that you have open communication with your dance partner.


Ask for a second dance

In some places it is common to dance two dances with the same person.
There are no such expectations at our event.
If you want to dance a second dance with somebody, then ask for another dance.


You can say no

If someone asks you for a dance or a second dance and you don’t want to, say “no thanks”.
You do not have to give an explanation.


Accept a no  

If you ask for a dance or a second dance and someone says “no, thank you”, accept and be ok with it.


Dance safely

Don't do any aerials or lifts on the social dance floor and don’t dip anyone that hasn't given their consent.


We take care of each other

We are here for you!
We encourage anyone who feels unsafe, harassed or witnesses inappropriate behavior to tell the organizers. We will do our best to support you and we will be as confidential and sensitive as possible when taking any further action.


Harassing someone will have consequences.
These may include being asked to leave and a report being made to the police.

We are creating this festival together, organizers as well as participants. If you have any thoughts about the code of conduct or other ideas to improve the event then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


This code of conduct is influenced by the codes of conduct of 
Bear Blues Exchange Berlin and West Coast Jitterbugs, Gothenburg.


Photo Policy

The festival will have an official photographer documenting the event. If you don’t want to be visible in photographs in Gothenburg Queer Lindy Festival contexts (homepage, Facebook events, etcetera) please let the photographer know! It will be hard for the photographer to avoid photographing you during the festival, but it will be easy for us to not use photographs with your face visible. If you feel fine with being in images in general but find a photograph of you that you don’t feel fine with, we will remove that particular image as soon as you let us know. Taking your own photographs of friends and teachers during a dance festival is fun! But, please make sure not to publish or share images of people on social media without consent!



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